Our latest release is song called Monochromatic. This song is energetic and fierce melodic death metal song. At the heart of this song is the misery of life. The structure of life mentioned in the verse, birth- service – death, is likely to cause heartburn in the most sensitive individuals.

Monochromatic was recorded and mixed at Hagalas studio located in Jyväskylä, Finland in february 2021 by Samuli Raappana and Hagalas. Mastered by Joni Vanhanen.

You can listen our new songs here or just click play right here!

Hagalas is: 

Kalle – vocalss

Antti – guitar

JM – guitar

Ville – bass

Teemu – drums


From the heart of Finland hails a storm. Cleansing the stale and corrupt, giving an opportunity to reshape and build something different.

Hagalas is a quintet of experienced musicians, introducing two former members of Kea and two members of SemiOK, leaving the bass master on his own unmolested pedestal.

Musically Hagalas fits into the quagmire of Melodic Death Metal, inspired by great bands like Insomnium, In Flames and Children of Bodom.

Contact us via email contact.hagalas@gmail.com