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 Hagalas is a Melodic Death Metal quintet of experienced musicians from Jyväskylä, Finland. We have released two ep’s and three singles so far and now it’s time for our debut album. For this reason we are looking for a partner/ label who can help us to be the next big thing in the Melodic Death Metal genre.

Our stage performance has been described as pure energy and the naturally heavy and catchy melodies have incited havoc among the audience. The feedback from the previous EP has also been extremely positive and for example Real Gone zine wrote that “As A Unit can claim a place for one of the best metal releases of 2022”.

Down below you can find our latest “As A Unit” -EP alongside with live videos and photos taken from our gigs. We surely hope that you take a closer look and listen what kind of metal mayhem we have arranged for people to hear and see previously. Currently we are composing new material for the upcoming album and we hope that we can release the beast later this year as we hit the studio in april 2023. Album will be ready around summer hopefully.

We are looking for a capable partner who can help us promote the new album to new audiences world wide. We are serious about our music and our aim is high – the next big thing in our genre. Finland is known for hard working, ass kicking bands and based on feedback, we are already kicking ass and doing music which deserves to be out there. We are ready for tours and we are going to do everything it takes to be what we want to be. We did our EP with Inverse Records and they are willing to make a partnership with us in the future as well but we feel that we need a stronger backbone to work with. We are open to discussion, about what kind of partnership we can create together. So hopefully our music, feedback, videos etc will lead to further dialogue. 

Let’s do this! 





As A Unit” EP was recorded in autumn 2021 by the shores of Central Finnish lake Päijänne by Samuli Raappana. It is mastered by Tony Lindgren / Fascination Street Studios in Sweden. On Spotify alone, the EP has gained more that 20k streams (early august 2022) alongside with over 3000 monthly listeners.


Rewievs and feedback from the EP:

Hagalas possesses all the right traits to step up the ranks within the melodic death metal template. Aggressive when called for, addictive in riffs and hooks, plus injecting that right groove and shifting atmosphere to keep brains and bodies engaged,As a Unit is impressive.

– a timeless Melodic Death Metal EP in the most fitting of ways

– Ammo

– With the guys from Hagalas, Finland has another diamond in the rough, which, like an asteroid, is on a collision course with the metal community. Points: 9/10 (käännös)

– Hagalas now ready to escalate the ranks of underground bands, and “As A Unit” can claim a place for one the best metal releases of 2022.


– For the moment I can easily flood all my happy neighbors with this EP (they are used to it!) and drown their ears in these Finnish riffs, once again!


Hagalas is from left to right

Antti Huovila, guitar

Teemu Kankainen, drums

JM Helenius, guitar

Kalle Korhonen, vocals

Ville Uimi, bass



Mr. Teemu Kankainen

+358 400 575 117

Record label: Inverse Records


For media

Promopack includes few pictures and Hagalas logos.

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