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Hagalas is a Melodic Death Metal quintet of experienced musicians From Jyväskylä, Finland. The band has published a well received EP Crimson tide and three singles with extremely good feedback. Stage performance has been described as pure energy and naturally heavy and catchy melodies have incited havoc among the audience. 

Earlier this year when the leaves slowly turned to red and brown Hagalas went to the studio to record their second ep called As A Unit. The Ep contains four new Hagalas songs and those songs are ready for the world to see and hear. You can find those four brutal and at the same time beautiful songs from this page. We are actively seeking partners to share these songs to a larger audience. We already have a fanbase in social media and when the time is more convenient we are heading to the road to play loud and clear as the previous releases have sparked numerous live concert requests. 

We are now looking for a capable partner that is enthusiastic about the bands music, and can help us release new music, marketing, promotion and as the pandemic fades, arranging live shows.

We are very serious about music and we are ready to do big things and take the steps necessary, so that our great music will be heard by the masses. We will not settle, and we expect the same from our partner. Still, having fun and playing good music is our lifeblood.

Scrolling down, you’ll find four songs that were recorded in september 2021 and all of these are not yet published. By listening to the songs, the listener can grasp our band’s capability to produce music within our genre. All songs are composed by us, recorded and mixed by mr. Samuli Raappana from Tuuliajo studios and mastered by mr. Tony Lindgren from Fascination Street Studios. 

Any feedback is precious to us, so take a listen and let’s talk more!



The song is about the scars of war. How one’s journey as a soldier can be endured by brothers in arms; fighting, dying and surviving as a unit.

This song sends a message to the oppressor not to get used to unconditional power. Revolution and reprisal for freedom are inevitable.

Living your life as a faceless slave, your worth measured in taxes paid per critical questions asked. Embracing the invisible shackles, thanking your tyrant with a wide smile and tightening the blindfold as you step over the edge.

This one describes the consequences of people sitting on their hands, while society spirals to dystopic totalitarianism. Picturing life is good, while standing on an invisible conveyor belt, eyes shut, trusting autocrats to decide what is best for all.


Hagalas from left to right:

Teemu Kankainen, drums

Antti Huovila, guitar

Kalle Korhonen, vocals

JM Helenius, guitar

Ville Uimi, bass


Looking forward to hearing from you!




Mr. Teemu Kankainen

+358 400 575 117