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Hagalas is a Melodic Death Metal quintet of experienced musicians From Jyväskylä, Finland. The band has published a well received EP Crimson tide and three singles with extremely good feedback. Stage performance has been described as pure energy and naturally heavy and catchy melodies have incited havoc among the audience. 

First single from the upcoming ep is now published all corners of internet and you can listen to song Destination : Genocide down below also.  Upcoming ep was recorded in fall 2021 when the leaves slowly turned to red and brown. The Ep contains four new Hagalas songs and those song are about to be published via Inverse Records. First single came out 3.3.2022 and the rest will follow month later 4.4.2022 in digital and in physical form as well. Stay tuned!

We have arranged few live show to upcoming spring and the dates are: 

19.4.2022 Lappeenranta, TBA

18.5.2022 Helsinki, TBA

19.5.2022 Jyväskylä, Ilokivi

20.5.2022 Turku, TBA

21.5.2022 Tampere, Varjobaari

And we are planning a little Baltics tour later this year. 

If you wish to see us live, please contact us. All the details you can find down below. 




Destination : Genocide describes the consequences of people sitting on their hands, while society spirals to dystopic totalitarianism. Picturing life is good, while standing on an invisible conveyor belt, eyes shut, trusting autocrats to decide what is best for all.


Hagalas is from left to right

Antti Huovila, guitar

Teemu Kankainen, drums

JM Helenius, guitar

Kalle Korhonen, vocals

Ville Uimi, bass



Mr. Teemu Kankainen

+358 400 575 117

Record label: Inverse Records


For media

Promopack includes few pictures and Hagalas logos.

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